spiderman race car set james bond race car sets
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spiderman James Bond

Spiderman and James Bond Race Car Sets

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spiderman race car set james bond race car sets
60803 Carrera Spiderman race car set

... can fly. And what is Spider-Man doing without a skyscraper where he can glue his threads to swing? He is looking for appropriate wheels with the colours matching his costume. Nothing fits better than the most American of all sports cars, the Chevrolet Corvette. Of course Doctor Octopus couldn't take that and “hired" a Dodge Viper for his disgraceful actions. Thus hot super hero action can be expected when the two arch-rivals slug out their dispute automotively. The basic set with 5,7 m / 18.70 feet of track comes with action features such as two lane change sections and a double looping.
* 1 Corvette C5 R “Spider-Man" * 1 Dodge Viper GTS-R “Doctor Octopus" * 6 Straights 342 mm * 1 Straight 114 mm * 2 Straights 100 mm * 8 Loop sections with supports * 6 Curves 1/90° * 2 Lane change sections * 1 Connecting track section * 1 Transformer * 1 Straight with lap counter * Support set * Track section bolts * Guardrails * Replacement contacts * Spare guide keels * Instructions * Dimensions when assembled: 194 x 85 cm / 6.36 x 2.79 ft. * Track length: 5,7 m / 18.7 ft.

spiderman race car set james bond race car sets
60007 Carrera James Bond race car set

Hot action is guaranteed on this 24.28 ft. long course! Become "The spy who overtook me", take the looping "shaken, not served" race cours trial. Always remember your "Goldfinger" by keeping control of your speed regulator. With this set Carrera offers all "James Bond"-fans the opportunity to eclipse the driving abilities of the most famous spy who made film history in "Her Majesty´s Slotracing Service". Now it's time "To live and let slot". The basic set in the 007-design comprises the two detailed original movie-cars Aston Martin Vanquish and the Jaguar XKR..
1 Aston Martin Vanquish * 1 Jaguar XKR * 7 Straights 342 mm * 5 Straights 114 mm * 2 Fly Over * 1 Connecting section * 6 Curves 1/90° * 4 Loops * 2 Speed regulators * 1 Transformer * 1 Straight with lap counter * Guardrails * Track section bolts * Replacement contacts * Accessory * Instructions * Dimensions when assembled: 210 x 103 cm * Track length: 7,40 m0 m


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